SolidWork SW8301 Safety Goggles with universal fit

No pressure points - The goggles sit comfortably due to the hard / soft component mix of the contact surface. This goggle is suitable for all different face shapes.

Perfect wearing comfort - The safety goggles can be individually adjusted to your head shape at the side of the headband and therefore guarantee a pleasant wearing feeling with a perfect fit. These safety goggles completely seal off your face from the environment

Scratch resistant, anti fog and UV Protection - A special coating on the lense makes it particularly scratch-resistant on the outside and fog-free on the inside. A special lens coating also protects your eyes from harmful UV rays - certified according to US ANSI Z87+

Wide field of vision - Due to the panoramic design, the entire field of vision is always in view while your eyes are protected from all sides.

One year money back - We at SolidWork are convinced of our quality and would therefore like to offer you an absolutely risk-free order: If you are not 100% satisfied with our safety glasses you will get your money back - up to 1 year after the purchase!

Your health has to be protected

Why are our safety glasses ahead of the competition?

- The lenses of the safety glasses are multi coated. This complex process makes the lenses particularly scratch-resistant, protects your eyes from harmful UV light and ensures that the glasses do not Fog from inside.

- SolidWork safety glasses are developed and produced to the highest quality standards. The safety goggles are approved for the US market according to US ANSI Z87+ as well as for the european Standards DIN EN 166; EN 170.

- Due to the hard / soft component mix of the glasses, the glasses sit comfortably on individual face shape without causing pressure points.

- The integrated side protection of the glasses reliably protects your eye from flying large and small particles.

- The soft contact surface of the glasses adapts comfortably to your face shape and seals off the interior of the goggle from the environment.

More and more people are underestimating the fatal consequences of occupational accidents in connection with the human eye. Different dusts, flying small parts and splinters that occur during normal work can lead to massive damage to your vision and be prevented by safety glasses. In the US, more than 1 million accidents at work are registered each year, which often lead to loss of vision. These accidents can be prevented by the right work protection, protect yourself now effectively with the right safety glasses!